So a couple of days ago Dan Ilic posted an animated gif of Chris Wu. They were both at a festival in Porto, Portugal.

And that’s where it would have ended. Except that the image got posted on social media and inspired Chris’s friends (Thommy Tran?). Within a few hours, there were tens of different reworkings.
My Facebook stream was flooded with them. I was out at dinner with a few of the people behind the pics that night. Fascinating, because it was superficially going wild, but most of the activity remained in our group of friends.

Que set up a Tumblr and that’s where it picked up steam.

It’s amazing. Now up to 12 Tumblr pages of inspired superimposition and image manipulation. But it hasn’t gone viral. It’s still in our extended, very prolific gang.

I wonder what it takes to flip to viral?